Somaliland attacks Puntland checkpoint in Tukaraq

Somalia’s separatist administration of Somaliland on Monday attacked a highly fortified Puntland check point in Tukaraq town, officials said.
The attack which killed unspecified number of people reportedly wounded dozens of others during a four hour long battle between the two neighboring forces.
Puntland security minster has said that state military have overpowered an aggression attack which is perpetrated by the Somaliland authorities stationing near the border.
“That attack was a surprise to us, as we were busy in welcoming Somalia’s president who is now in the state for an official visit “the minster has said in an interview with the BBC.
He said that Puntland will not remain handcuffed and is prepared to defend its territory, accusing Somaliland of arming insurgents in the region.
“The world has to see what this state is fueling; Puntland now is trying to flash out Islamists in the mountains along the rebel groups that attacked its soil” he said.
The regional state has recently elected a former war lord as president in a fraud election held across its major towns.
The World has yet to recognize Somaliland which declared an independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991.
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