FARMAAJO: Suspected Al-shabaab fighters sneak into Puntland

GAROWE,(IDILNEWS)-Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has said that dozens of Al-shabaab fighters have escaped into Puntland as result of regular airstrikes by the U.S. air drones in southren Somalia.

“The Al-shabaab is every in Somalia , when they feel unsafe , they flee into to stable regions in the country and are now hiding in Puntland “ the president said.

He said that Federal Gov’t and regional leaders have stand commited in fighting the Al-shabaab which he said is a threat to stability and the peace in Somalia.

The president said that Gov’t will be supporting any means that could eradicate Al-shabaab from Somalia, calling authorities to step up their efforts against the group.

Al-shabaab has severally claimed deadly attacks in Puntland and across Somalia despite airstrikes that saw the group’s decline.


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