SOMALIA: Puntland halts annual presidential anniversary

GAROWE,(IDILNEWS)-The northeastern regional state of Puntland on Monday night postponed president’s fourth presidential anniversary which was set to take place at the statehouse in Garowe.

The milatry analysts in the region believe that Somaliland’s attack on Tukraq has caused the delay as Somalia president was scheduled to attend the anniversary.

A fierce fight between Puntland and Somaliland broke out in Tukaraq checkpoint which was the only ground that Puntland has been controlling since Somaliland occupied on Sool’s administrative capital of Laascaanod.

Heavily fortified Puntland forces have been reportedly sent to enforce the border fight with Somaliland which is now trying to capture more territories from Puntland.

The battle casualties are yet to be revealed as both sides declined to comment on the fight’s deaths which is reportedly could hit beyond the expected numbers.

Puntland which released a prior statement on the fight accused its neighbor of stoking unrest in the region, calling international partners to closely monitor on Somaliland’s aggression.


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