SOMALIA: UN envoy renews airspace management dispute in Hargaisa

HARGAISA,(IDILNEWS)-The UN special representative for Somalia Michael Keating has called Somalia to undertake an immediate discussion with Somaliland over the airspace management.

The regional state has recently protested an agreement which Somalia and UN’s international civil aviation organization signed in Mogadishu. Both sides have initially ratified the transfer of the airspace control to the Somalia capital.

“Airspace management is in the interest of everybody in fact, airspace cannot be an area of dispute because then it will shut down, I think it needs an immediate discussion between Somalia,Somalialnd and ICAO to clarify the base upon which airspace management will be undertaken over the skies her” the envoy has said during a press conference in Hargaisa.

The envoy has urged Somaliland authorities to conclude any misunderstandings with Mogadishu over the dispute.

“Again to make sure that any misunderstandings are resolved and now the foreign minister is going to be addressing this in the coming days, infact may be you are a in better position to answer that than I am “ he said.

Mr. Keating has said that there is no win lose situation over the dispute, calling both sides to respect the common interest on matter.

“It’s either win win or loose loose , so I hope this is resolved as quickly as possible” he noted.

The envoy’s remarks doubts Somalia’s claim over the airspace management.






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