GAL-MUDUG: Local militia intercepts president’s delegation in Godinlabe

DHUUSA,MAREEB,(IDILNEWS)-Heavily armed militants on Tuesday pose a way laid on a presidential convoy in Gal-gaduud’s Godinlabe village, according to officials in Adaado.

The convoy which was comprising security personals and Gov’t officials was forced to stay put at the town , as Dhuusa-Mareeb residents was preparing to welcome the president.

“it seems that malatia have been receiving orders from unknown folks and was established as clan militias “ A gov’t official who asked not to be named said.

He said that several attempts on solving the problem were halted during a long hour negotiations opened with the armed group.

“No bullets have been exchanged during the way lay, but some of our troops are still stacked at Godinlabe as Gal-Mudug has engaged a discussion with the militants “he said.

Somalia president Farmaajo and his delegation are set to tour Dhuusa-Mareeb town , where Gal-Mudug and Ahlu-Sunna have recently agreed to end their political rifts over the power share.

It’s yet to know motives behind the move which the armed gunmen are trying to interrupt Gov’t’s delegation in Gal-gaduud.



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