UN asks 1.6 billion dollar to avert expected drought in Somalia

MOGADISHU,(IDILNEWS)-The UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Somalia Peter DeClercq on Wednesday announced a humanitarian response plan which is aimed to thwart a second drought that could hit the country in 2018.

The high level UN official has said that 5.4 million people across Somalia require an urgent support; calling int’ll partners to consider the predicated drought.

“We must tackle the humanitarian needs while simultaneously looking at longer-term solutions. If we do not continue to save lives and in parallel build resilience, then we have only delayed a famine, not prevented one,” Clrecq has said in a statement.

The high level response meeting which is held in Mogadishu is attended by top gov’t officials including PM Khayre as UN demanded 1.6 billlion U.S. dollars to reach out those vulnerable to the drought.

“Working together with the Somali authorities and with historical levels of support from the international community, I am proud that we averted a possible famine last year,” de Clercq said in the statement.

Somali Gov’t Gov’t has also supported the mitigation process which is already been commenced in the capital Mogadishu .


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