Tigrai people have sixty five thousand reasons to be vigilant

For the past 27 years since the TPLF defeated the fascist Dergi government in Ethiopia some backward Amhara extremist groups have been waging a persistent disinformation campaign against the TPLF and by association against the people of Tigrai.
One of the contending issues is the federal system in Ethiopia. Most Amharas and trust me it is only and only Amharas who are really trying to destroy the current federal system, believe the ethnic based or language based federal system is bad for unity of the country. If that is the case why is it only one ethnic group whining about it, but not the rest of the Ethiopian people? Is it because the majority of Ethiopians are happy to use their own language, govern themselves, and becoming the masters of their own destiny? Nevertheless, the anti Tigrai propaganda campaign continues unabated and after decades of intense hate mongering the Amhara extremists have managed to gain an audience.
The poisonous propaganda of the Amhara extremists is started to bare some fruit now. Many people are convinced all the ills of Ethiopia are because of the TPLF including the conflict between ethnics and tribes. Once that fabricated lie is planted in the masses of Amhara people they encouraged the people of the region to turn against their peaceful civilian neighbors and they did more than 11,000 civilian Tigraians were deported form Amhara region in 2017.
Now the extremists are over confident just like the man on the video they are attacking the Tigrai people and TPLF in an open forum on national TV. They think it is time to dismantle the Ethiopian federal system, the man on the video says the Ethiopian federal system is based on ethnic, language and racism. These extremists have one favorite code word for we want every single Ethiopian should have our language, our identity, and our culture to be an Ethiopian “ethiopiawnet”. If any person or group dares to say I have my own, he or she is labeled anti “ethiopiawnet”. The people of Tigrai are the proud owners of the oldest history in the Horn of Africa. They are not in a mood to embrace an inferior hodgepodge of identity. For the above stand the extremist groups have christened them as narrow nationalists. If anyone thinks they have seen narrow nationalism, they have not seen anything yet. 27 years of targeting and attacking Tigraians has created a brand new nationalism the kind never seen before, nationalism powerful enough to break the artificial wall built by Menelik and his Italian masters.
Unfortunate to the 85% Ethiopians according to those illiterate fanatics there is only one brand of “ethiopiawnet” where every Ethiopian speaks Amharic, worships Menlik and subscribes to fabricated fairytale of Adam was born in Gojam and the Geez fidel was created in Gonder not in Axum.
Whether we like it or not federalism is about to be swapped by “ethiopiawnet” and we already explained what “ethiopiawnet” means in reality. For some naïve people “ethiopiawnet” means where all Ethiopians live in love and harmony and respect each other without too much emphasis in their identity, well it is not. In reality it means the opposite of love and respect it actually means one ethnic group becomes above all others.
The Ethiopian people should reject this fake “ethiopiawnet” and defend their multicultural system where every Ethiopian’s identity, culture, language and history is celebrated.
The people of Tigrai has paid heavy price to defeat their traditional enemies once and for all. After three decades it seems we might go back to square one the extremist groups have gathered enough grit to try one more time to come back to power. Every single Tigrwai should be vigilant to stand guard for Tigrai. We shouldn’t permit our enemies to step foot in our blessed land before our brothers and sisters blood is dry. If the federal system falls apart, the people of Tigrai should not go through the bitter struggle of librating Tigrai, we should look into other options. For how many generations should our mothers were black, our people live in limbo, and for how long are we going to prove “ethiopiawnet”. Enough is enough we shouldn’t play this game where the rules change with wind.