Do you have full confidence in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to lead Ethiopia?

Do you have full confidence in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to lead Ethiopia?

Six months after Dr. Abiy Ahmed became a prime minister of Ethiopia the country has gone from bad to worst. The political situation is toxic and the Ethiopian people are in a state of confusion because the prime minister is a loose cannon aimlessly wondering with no clear policy or direction.

He has released hundreds of criminals from prison without due process, opened Ethiopia to terrorists who openly declared to dismantle the country, Abiy completely abandoned the constitution in many levels including by invading the Regional state of Somali, he is interfering in religion, and he is working with Ethiopian foreign enemies.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali never mentioned the following important phrases since he became a prime minister.

  1. Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities
  2. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD
  3. Ethiopian Constitution
  4. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
  5. Engineer Simengew Bekele
  6. Ethiopian Terrorist groups

Why are the above listed words and many more allergic to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali? He refuses to use them in any context in his speeches, he is afraid to use the above words because they are offensive to those who are behind him and his masters.

Ethiopia has been turned in to a disastrous freak show in the past six months, however there are a few strange things that happened which are very hard to explain. For example do you remember when the Abiy Administration sent official letters to Tigrai TV and ENN TV chastising them for not covering the inauguration of the new prime minister? Well, ENN which was an independent TV satiation was forced to close by the government and if they can they would have tried to close Tigrai TV, but they can’t. Then how come the Oromia Media Network – OMN was allowed to not only operate legally in Ethiopia, but OMN was celebrated when the owners decided to come from Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A to Ethiopia. If it is a government policy to open the Ethiopian airways to independent media networks, well what is the standard to allow some and to deny some on top of that what was the reason ENN was forced to close?

The other angering and mystifying situation about this freakazoid prime minster is his refusal to speak and promote the most important project in Ethiopia’s history, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD. The Ethiopian people have paid millions of their hard earned money for the construction of the GERD which is almost 75% completed, but since this man came to power he totally ignored the project and he instructed the media to ignore it, why? We all know what happened to our hero and beloved Engineer Simegew Bekelethe Chief Engineer of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Abiy Ahmed could have done miracles if he would have build up on top what has been built by EPRDF by correcting the wrongs and creating more goodness, but he decided to reinvent the wheel from scratch and demolish what was achieved in the past twenty seven years.

The fake honeymoon between Abiy and the Ethiopian people is about to be over. The relationship was based on hate, Abiy hates TPLF/EPRDF because they were about to expose his treasonous secret against the Ethiopian people, and the people of Ethiopia were fade up with TPLF/EPRDF because they wouldn’t listen to them. After Abiy became a prime minister he started a few sweet keywords and many Ethiopians feel for it, but it did not take took long for him to expose his true nature, a paid Arab mercenary who has nothing to do with Ethiopian traditions, culture, and religion. He has no respect for our traditional Muslims nor does he has any care of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Christians because he does not belong to any of them.

The main purpose of this article is to ask how you the reader of Tigrai Online would evaluate the past six months of Ethiopian politics and do you have full confidence in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali as a leader?