PM Abiy: can He regain the Grip?

For the first time, PM Abiy acknowledged that civil strife, conflicts and political disorder in the country have gone out-of-hand. Yesterday in a speech he gave to graduating military trainees, he came close to declaring a Marshall order.
As a matter of fact, he imposed a soft Marshal rule on the Somali region and insinuated that all power rests in the hands of the army. For all practical purposes, the Somali region is under a soft military rule. Army officials attend all  civic functions, traditional meetings, inter-clan mediation, and even pay a big brother’s to the local TV.
Reports also suggest that military personal staff all government offices alongside Somalis.
In that same address, PM Abiy also instructed all retired army members to stay put for they may be recalled for a national service.
Today, he pivoted and admitted that things  are getting out of hand.  This position came as result of implicit criticisms from diplomats and even from the highest order of the Church.
Talking to the leadership of the Amhara administration in Bahir.Dhar, today PM Abiy said that Ethiopia has always being saved by its children who are tied together through the love for their country. He added to say, Ethiopia is blessed by her creator (Amalkuwa yidabikataal).
In a stern language, he warned both political function/ethnic leaders and gang organizers that they will be subject to the law for their crimes. Addis Tribune, Amharic version.
One wonders whether Lama Meggersa and Jawer are included in the list of people to whom the bell tolls, or whether and therefore untouchable for the incitements they have purposely encouraged (Jawer), or sponsored by OPDO under Lema.
If Abiy wants the law to work, justice must be blind and not see criminals in the form of Oromo, Somali, Amhara, Tigre… otherwise, his words would be rendered as useless the paper on which they are written, which is what has happened since he unexpectedly took power.
The people may not articulate well what they see or know. However, they certainly remember and keep their own tally of painful incidents that impact them and their loved ones.
Good that CMC is of the Somali region is gone, although he could have been removed in a better way. No sensible Somali will certainly waste a drop of his/her tear over his removal.
However, they certainly question why Lema is the “PM’s daytime boss and his secret employer,” in the words of PM Abiy. They also question why yesteryear hate mongers , like Jawer, are so close to him.
The answer is simple: they control the Oromo base, thus they attained the unviable political status of “untouchables.” That is exactly the same logic behind why Trump does not offend his fascist base.
PM Abiy will not be able to rule Ethiopia democratically unless he distances himself from two damaging factors:  one is ideology, and the other is ethnic politics.
First, he needs to migrate from autocratic centralist system of rule which was created by his party of EPRDF, that which he still maintains and plans to do so.
Ethiopia’s problem was not only Mêles; in addition, it was the autocratic system EPRDF maintained and manipulated for the last 27 years both at the federal and local level. Anyone who watched what had transpired with the Somali party in Addis Ababa, he/she would know how undemocratic the system he is presiding is.
The entire Somali leadership created and nurtured by EPRDF was jetted to Addis Ababa on August 15 to hold an extraordinary session presided by the newly I stalled chairman, Ahmed Shide. Mr, Shide is a minister at the federal lèvel, close associate of PM Abiy, and former vice chairman of Somali ruling party.
In Addis, chairman Shide shared with us the the party conducted a debout “criticism and self-criticism,” (Hiis ina Gilla hiis). Really, doesn’t this culture epitomize the staunchest value of autocratic rule.  As a matter of fact, It is a fascistic form of mental torture. PM Abiy rejoices at watching and sanctioning the results of such anti-human behavior.
The second damaging factor is his feasible attachment and also loyalty to his Oromoness. Real or perceived, millions of Ethiopians already view him as someone who promotes the Oromo cause a bit more than the rest’s. By using a wrong interpretation of what “majority rules” axiom, he has Oromized the polity fast and unashamedly.
He must unburden himself from these two limiting and politically damaging factors, he that is if he wants to convince his skeptics  and critics. So far, he is attached to those two factors as his guiding values.