Somalia is the most corrupt Country in the World

Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world. Somalia has a central government in place, but in reality, it is run by rival clans and warlords. Somalia is also the most unstable country in the world. The lifestyle in Somalia is quite tough as a majority of the people make a living from farming, fishing or raising livestock. Approximately only 29% of the population have the privilege to attend school and the average life expectancy is only 55 years old.
Somalia remains perilous on the economic front as it is well known for piracy. It is also difficult for any long-term planning for infrastructure and social programs to take place in Somalia if there is a mess at the top of the power structure. Insecurity and instability are major issues in the country which greatly restrict business. In fact, corrupt government officials tolerate illegal activities in exchange for bribes.
For a long time now, Somalia has had numerous irregularities in its election processes with cases of vote buying which compounds the corruption problem in the country since the members of parliament can only vote and elect a president. The inner workings of the economic system and the government of Somalia are scarce which implies that the corrupt officials do not want outsiders to see the actual picture of what goes beyond the borders of the country..