President Farmajo: Turkey humiliated, US new Ambassador received make shift camp in Halane.

MUGDISHU(IDIL NEWS)-In 2011 Somalia faced most devastating and humiliating droughts and famine in 60 years. Trickle of humanitarian aid starter coming to the country at slow pace.

Hundred of thousands of Somalis in the Southern parts of the country faced malnutrition and an untold hardships. To break the devastation Erdogan showed up with the largest delegation ever visited Somalia.

Business community from airline companies to food stuff arrived and stayed. President Sheikh Sharif and Prime Minister GAAS cemented new Turkish relations. Hospitals, port and airport infrastructure development took root.

Thousands of fully funded scholarships and best military training were provided at no cost. No other country did what Turkey did.

Ambassador Olgan Beker followed his predecessor Dr Torun both served Turkey and Somalia with exemplary. Dr Torun was hailed as a hero on the day of his return.

Unfortunately, President Farmajo humiliated Turkey and Ambassador Olgan Bekir by refusing to give his well deserved farewell departure. Amb Bekir served under the largest Turkish Embassy in the world which clearly demonstrated Turkey’s long term interest in Somalia.

Such distinguished diplomatic relations where destroyed in one week by self consumed President whose politics is an unstable and absent of orderly relations. To that with wholeheartedly we apologise the Turkish government and people.

To make matters worse, Farmajo received the new US Ambassador in an AU make shift inside Halane camp. Farmajo who claims the return of Somalia’s sovereign place in the world has just done the opposite by leaving his office to receive US Ambassador credentials.

US is important country and our ally the war against terror groups. But Somalia’s sovereignty should outweigh any country’s security concern for an individual Ambassador. Sadly, Farmajo now is running around to restore Turkish confidence by arranging haste visit to Turkey.

Committee of foreign relations in the Parliament and the Upper House should call an urgent investigation to this fiasco. Any visit will not return lost confidence of our best ally.

Si Aad U Hesho Warar Dheeraad Ah Riix Halkaan.