VIDEO:- Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael said a coordinated attack against Tigrai state and its people is going on now

ADDIS ABABA(IDIL NEWS)-The Deputy President of Tigrai state in Ethiopia accused the Ethiopian federal government working with outside forces to weaken, encircle and intimidate Tigrai, its people and its government. In a lengthy press briefing he gave to the media, the mild mannered Deputy President of Tigrai state clearly showed how the federal authorities in Addis Ababa are systematically working to single out Tigraian, members of the military, business people, politicians and those who were working in the security services. He added it is extremely organized and well orchestrated assault against Tigraians as people not in individual criminals.

Dr. Debretsion said the federal government is waging a well coordinated all around campaign against Tigrai state to bring it to submission in the name of fighting corruption.  Dr. Abiy Ahmed has been working with extremist groups mainly from Amara region to undermine Ethiopian constitution.

Scores of Tigraian members of the military, security officers, government officials and businessmen and women have been arrested in a trumped up fake charges last week without and due process and in total disregard to Ethiopian and international law.

Dr. Debretsion rightly pointed out if the latest arrests were about corruption and human rights it would have been nationwide instead of targeting only in one ethnic group which is Tigrai.

The Deputy President of Tigrai state was visibly angry at the unprecedented attack on Tigraians this week, he is not the only one anger in the population of Tigrai is at a boiling point. Many Tigraians are calling for arms. Many posts on Facebook and Twitter are asking the state government of Tigrai for military training.

Some Tigrain groups are asking the state government to evoke chapter 39 of the Ethiopian constitution which grantees any state or people the right to self determination. Thos who were behind last March’s soft coup in Ethiopia might have thought creating a puppet government in Ethiopia, but the outcome is going to be the creation of multiple countries just like what happened in the former Yugoslavia.

Si Aad U Hesho Warar Dheeraad Ah Riix Halkaan.