A Story of Rahma Suladan Mahamud Haybe’s Detention

As long as madam Rahma remains in detention, her humane is also detained. When a
nation is colonized, it goes through different hierarchy until it reaches its worst stage
where every family is affected by.
The detention of madam Rahma Mohamoud Haybe for months is an attack on our
nationhood, dignity and integrity. Her detention is the latest attempt to abrogate and to
bury our nationality. Is it right or wrong for our daughter to be detained in a dark non-
Somali regional prison cell? If Rahma committed any misconduct from her own people,
why we didn’t bring her case to our own tribunal, if she indeed causes any wrong doing?
We brought her detention to our elders and the heads of different branches of the
Somali regional government, but so far no one took any action except their
acknowledgment. So, it is my own feeling and conscience to alleviate and put out this
story to the maximum extent possible.
To those of you who have the poise and dignity, I wanted you to know that Rahma’s
detention is not alone to her, and all of us will be walking dead soon. As long as Rahma
remains in a detention, our nation, our existence, and our dignity are also caged.
Rahma is abandoned by the Somali Regional authority, starting with the Chairman of
the Somali Region Ruling Party Ahmed Shide, the president of the Somali Regional
State Mustafa Omer, and every leader in the Somali regional government who
represents at the federal and local level. Rahma is also abandoned by the Ogden
National Liberation Front (ONLF) who clearly sustains from Rahma’s detention.
Religious scholars, entrepreneurs, and Somali experts have also neglected Madam
Rahma. The Ethiopian Somalis who live abroad and in the Somali region have also
neglected her.
The distinct colonies that have colonized the Ethiopian Somali region for decades have
never thought detaining a Somali female in Addis Ababa. On the other hand, those who
murdered a quarter of our people and looted our property for years were given a free
pass and never brought to justice. While our sisters like madam Rahma who have never
shed a single blood-clots is being detained. What kind of law is that?
By: Aidrous Ahmed Abdi