U.K. Ambassador to Somalia visits Puntland leading officials from U.K. major donor agency “DFID”.

Today 27th April, 2019, The President of Puntland Mr. Said Abdulahi Deni welcomed U.K. Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Ben Fender to Puntland Presidential Palace, the ambassador was accompanied by other senior delegates representing U.K.’s Department for International Development ‘DFID’, prior their joint press conference they had a meeting discussed on a four main issues; a)drought and humanitarian situation in Puntand. b) economic development with special support of further supporting the development of Bosaso port and fishing sector of Puntland State. c) The security and how best both parties will cooperate in the fight against the Islamic State and Al-shabaab and how Britain might help to remove some of the long term causes of conflict in Puntland and Somalia at large. d) National politics: both parties discussed ways to possible to create common vision between the federal government and the member States on the critical questions of resource-sharing and power-sharing of the constitutional and the electoral model, security and justice so that there is a single agreed direction for how Somalia will move forward and how developmemt partners and political partners like U.K. can best support Puntland, other member states and the federal government of Somalia.

In this meeting parties also have reflected on the past achievements, lessons learnt and the ways forward regarding the discussed issues both political and U.K. donors development interventions. U.K.’s DFID senior delegates have arranged special appointement of discussion with the President of Puntland that will take place later their stay in Puntland to further discuss U.K.’s donor development projects in Puntland with special focus on current drought season in Puntland.

Puntland President Mr. Deni held joint press conference with U.K. Ambassador together with his delegates and gave warm welcoming remarks having mentioned the long term close collaborations and friendship U.K. and Puntland enjoyed in the past as a part of the greater partnership U.K. had with Somalia. He also thanked as a country of their support of Somalia’s recovery and re-establishment, he highlighted the main agenda points they have discussed in the meeting before the press conference.

On the other hand, Mr. Ben Fender of U.K. Ambassador to Somalia have thanked Puntland President’s warm and generous welcome while giving great compliment to Puntland as the land Peace and acient part of the country “Puntand”. He told U.K. is the second largest in both development and humanitarian partner to Somalia having across Puntland very large number of projects which are aimed at supporting the livelihoods and the security of People across this regions.

Puntland Is feasibly contributing efforts to shape political strategy with the member states of Somalia to create a common vision with the Federal government on the issues of future election model, resource-sharing and power-sharing mechanism and the U.K. diplomatic visit to Puntland came upon the return of Puntland President from a 19 days mission outside the country having visited UAE and Kenya and met with various investor companies including P&O of DP World, Diplomats and heads of Somalia member states as well as U.S. Ambassador to Somalia

Source:Idil News.