Xasan Sheekh oo hambalyo u diray Madaxweynaha Jubbaland

SOMALIA, Mogadishu: In photograph taken and released by the African Union-United Nations Information Support Team 19 April 2013, Somali President Hassan Sheik Mohamud is seen in his presidential office inside Villa Somalia, the complex which houses the Somali government in the country's capital Mogadishu. Listed in this year's Time Magazine list of the 100 most influential people, Mohamud is president of Somalia's first democratically elected government after two decades of civil war unrest and conflict in the Horn of Africa nation. AU-UN IST PHOTO / STUART PRICE.

Madaxweynihii hore ee Jamhuuriyada federaalka Soomaaliya mudaneHassan Sheikh Mohamud ayaa u hambalyeeyey madaxweynaha la doortey ee Jubbaland mudane Axmed Maxamed Islaam sida uu ku daabacey bartiisa uu ku leeyahay Twitterka.