Gudiga Doorashada Farmaajo oo Jadwal khilaafsan heshiiskii 17-Sep soo saaray

Gudiga Farmaajo ee Doorashada waxay soo saareen jadwal cusub oo khilaafsan heshiiskii 17-Sep kana badalan kii doraad.

Sidoo kale ma cada doorashada Madaxweynaha,March,ayaa Xildhibaanadu soo dhamaanayaan,ayuu Jadwalku muujinayaa.

Ujeedka ay ka leeyihiin waa laba arimood oo kala ah..

1.Ku aadin Shirka Garowe ee muhiimka ah

  1. Sii diyaarsasho qorshe gorgortan ugu danbayn.

Halkan ka akhriso Jadwalka oo ku qoran English!!

Timetable for 2020/2021 Indirect Election

                                                       The election timetable is based on the following assumption(s): 

 Ensure finances are ready to implement the electoral operations and the processes to manage it

 Readying procurement and the availability of election logistics
 An election plan based on the operations of the electoral processes to be conducted in parallel with the electoral constituencies.
 That the Electoral implementation and Security Committees jointly schedule the polling stations by 23 December 2020.
 Maintaining Public Awareness throughout the election period by using different communication methods such as traditional media, social media, press conferences and press releases when and as needed.

# Activity Time Days Details Responsibilites
Structure and training of committees ..

  1. Committees formation 05-
    09/Dec/2020 5 Achieved measures
  2. SEIT has been formed and subsequently elected its management team
  3. Conflict Resolution Committee has been formed and elected its management team
  4. Hirshabelle, Southwest, Somaliland, Galmudug and the Benaadiri Electoral Committees have elected their management teams.

NB: As of December 14, the Galmudug, Puntland and Juballand electoral committees are yet to make a decision. Different Committee members comprising of
different set of Committees.

  1. Training programs for FEIT members more
    specifically tailored into aspects of election management 10-
    14/Dec/2020 5 Federal level Committees (FEIT, SEIT and Dispute
    Resolution Committee) as well as Hirshabelle,
    Southwest, Somaliland, Galmudug and the Benaadiri Electoral Committees have completed their trainings, and other pertinent election management trainings are to commence on the 10th of December 2020.

Achieved measures

1) Training Timetable

2) Preparation of election logistics

3) Travel arrangement and Settlement of electoral committee members FEIT & Trainings

Doosharasha Xubnaha Aqalka Sare

3.Announcement of the
Registration of the
Upper House
Candidates 23-Dec-2020 1 • Funds preparation for the registration of Upper House candidates

• Opening Bank Accounts to deposit Registration fees of Upper House Candidates (Accounts of State-Level Parliaments and the Central Bank).

• Preparation of Upper House Election
Materials and Facilities.

4.Submission of the Upper House
candidates’ list 26-29 -Dec2020 3 FEIT and SEIT to send a written request to the FMS Presidents and FGS to submit the list of candidates for the Upper House. FEIT

Submitting Upper House candidates’ list FMS Leaders

  1. Conducting Elections for candidate Members of the Upper House 30 Dec 2020 – 6 jan 2021 7 Federal Member states’ legislators to conduct election of Upper House Candidates Representatives of the
    Federal Member States, SEIT & FEIT
    Selection process, delegates preparations and Polling Stations 01-07 / Jan-2021
  2. The selection of delegates who will in turn, select electoral constituents 07-14/Jan-2021 7 • Preparation of Delegations lists • Selection of delegates.
    • There will be 5 people in the selection committee of each seat who will then select the delegates. FEIT • Verification of Committees lists selecting delegates in line with the procedures laid out by Traditional Elders, Civil Society representatives and delegates. FEIT
  3. Provide trainings to committees selecting delegates. 15-17 Jan-2021 3 • Preparation of the Timetable

• Training Materials preparation
• Preparing Training Lessons FEIT & SEIT

  1. Submission of delegate candidates’ lists 18-26 Jan-2021 10 Submission of the electoral delegates in line with the procedures of the National Consultative Forum Delegation Selection
    Committee, FEIT & SEIT
  2. Verification,
    Registration and 27-30 Jan-2021 7 Verification of election delegates’ lists in
    line with the procedure of the National Consultative Forum FEIT & SEIT

Disclosure of final lists of Delegates

  1. Preparing Polling Stations 31- 03 Feb 2021 6 • Ensuring delivery of voting materials at each polling station. FEIT & SEIT
    The registration of Parliamentary Candidates for the House of the People
  2. Announcement of
    Registration of
    Parliamentary Candidates for the
    House of the People. 4-Feb-2021 1 • Prepare all the procedures for the registration of candidates for the House of the People.
    • Preparation of materials for the registration of candidates for the House of the People. FEIT/SEIT
  3. Registration of
    Parliamentary Candidates and granting of identification. 04-
    08/Feb/2021 4 • Start Registration of Parliamentary Candidates for the House of the People.

• Publication of all relevant forms and issuance of ID Cards for parliamentary Candidates FEIT/SEIT

  1. Elections/Voting
    09-28 Feb 2021 21 • Prepare all pertinent election materials.
    • Conducting Elections /Voting FEIT & SEIT
  2. Verification and announcement of final election results 01-02 March
    2021 2 • Publish final election results FEIT & SEIT
  3. Provide certification to elected MPs 03-20 March 2021

13 • Provide elected MPs with a certificate of the House of the People’s membership FEIT