The Somali Salvation Front – SSF, (Jabhadda Badbaadinta Soomaaliyeed), the first Somali Political and armed opposition against the Military Junta of General Siad Barre was formed by Somalis in-exile and defectors from the Somali National Army on the 8th of February 1979, and launched a powerful broadcasting short-wave station -The Radio Kulmis, at the same day. The SSF 23-strong Central Committee was hailing and composed from all parts of Somalia. This included:

  1. Mustafe Haji Nur, the Secretary-General of the SSF, was from Hargeisa, Isak Community, Habar Awal.
  2. Hagi Omar Mohamed Sterling, First Deputy, from Mogadishu, Hawiye Community, Abgaal.
  3. Col. Cabdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Second Deputy, from Galkayo, Majertein Community, Omar Mohamud.
  4. Mohamed Mohamud Shandiile, Third Deputy, from Dhusamareb, Hawiye Community, Cayr.
  5. Osman Nur Ali Qonof, from Qardho, Majeerten, Osman Mahamud.
  6. Ismail Daud Egal, from Barbera, Isak Community, Habar Awal.
  7. Ali Hamdulle Togdheer, from Burco, Isak Community, Habar Yunis.
  8. Col. Abdulkadir Warsame Galbeyti (Ekis) from Hobyo, Hawiye Community, Sa’ad.
  9. Yusuf Dirir Cabdi, from Erigabo, Isak Community, Habar Yunis.
  10. Abdi Ahmed Rooble, from Bali-Gubadle, Isak Community, Arab.
  11. Col. Abshir Muse Said, from Qardho, Majertein, Osman Mahamud.
  12. Saleman Dahir Afqarshe, from Las-Anod, Dhulbahante, Naaleye Axmed.
  13. Dr. Abdisalam Aw-Samatar, from Garowe, Majertein Community, Isse Mahamud.
  14. Col. Awil Jama Hersi, from Gaashamo, Isak Community, Habar Yunis.
  15. Dr. Hassan Ali Mireh from Galkayo, from Majertein Community, Omar Mohamud.
  16. Cabdullahi Ali Hassan, from Adaado, Hawiye Community, Saleman.
  17. Col. Mohamed Ali Hoori, from Dhahar, Warsangeli, Dubeys.
  18. Abdirahman Sugulle Haabsay, from Galkayo, Majertein, Omar Mohamud.
  19. Mahamud Einanshe Guled, from Odweyne, Isak Community, Habar Yunis.
  20. Col. Mohamed Abshir Ali Weyrah, from Burtinle, Darood, Awrtable.
  21. Hersi Magan Isse, from Galkayo, Majertein, Osman Mahamud.
  22. Sayidiin Hassan Jabaan, from Bosaso, Majertein, Wabeneye.
  23. Abdullahi Hagi Elmi, from Kismayo, Majertein, Isse Mahamud.
    Taken from SSF/SSDF/Q/Archives.

Ismail Warsame.