Frankenstein is a work or agency that ruins its own creator. State secret services or intelligence organizations are frankenstein that pose existential threats not only to the general public, personal safety and liberties, but also to the governments that create them.

The tragic story of Ms Ikram Tahlil, an internet security expert with the National Intelligence Services Agency (NISA), might not have been an isolated case, but one of many unexplained murders, bomb-blasts, blackmail and raids in Mogadishu and elsewhere in Somalia 🇸🇴.

Such crime incidents had historical narrative here – at time it was Ethiopian Intelligence to blame. It was an Alqaeda operations at other times, and now they claim that all murders were committed by Alshabab. The case of Ms Ikram is different, though, in the sense that nobody, including Alshabab themselves, is willing to buy NISA story on the demise of this young lady at her workplace inside the maximum security headquarters of her employer. The subsequent coverup of the murder is a giveaway tip to the common sense. The fact that Alshabab never denies its heinous crimes against government workers and officials, and now its rejection and distancing itself from NISA claim of Ikram murder has clearly exposed the directors of that agency and its collaborators.

Until the officials of this Caretaker Government come clean on the disappearance and murder of Ms Ikram, they are all suspect and accomplices.