The ultimate demise of Top lieutenant of Violence

The Somali government has confirmed the death of Abdullahi Nadir, one of the prolific and influencial top notch figures of Al-Shabaab, he was been groomed and taunted to lead the organization.

A statement published in the government media said that the officer, who was also known as Abdullahi Yare, was killed on October 1 in Haram area in the Middle Jubba region.

The Somali government said that the operation that killed him was “planned” with the cooperation of “national forces and their international friends”.

They did not provide details on whether the attack was carried out using drones or whether it was carried out in another way.

Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on the killing that the Somali government said was done to the senior officer.

The United States has placed a 3-million dollar bounty on Abdullahi Nadir, and he was one of the most wanted officials of that organization.

Security experts believe that Abdullahi Nadir was the “heir of Al-Shabaab” and was left behind by the men who founded the organization.
Somali intelligence has said on several occasions that the leader of Al-Shabaab Ahmed Omar Diriye (Abu Ubayda) is ill.