The shadowy murky Oil business of Somalia

This morning, President Hassan Sheikh, officially signed 7 oil blocks for the Coastline Explorations Company known as SOMA OIL.

A delegation from the company came to Villa Somalia to occasion and the signing ceremony of the blocks.

This company was already established by President Farmajo, Prime Minister Roble, the Cabinet and the Parliament at that time.
despite protestation from Puntand the ceremony went on.

What is worth asking is, without renegotiating the agreement and not bringing it before the Cabinet, Parliament and the DG, the company yesterday sealed its agreement without any condition of minutes of the meeting being given the same agreement.previously President Hassan, was among the loudest of the politicians who were criticizing the agreement with this fictitious shadowy company.

The signing of this Agreement will take place while the Executive Prime Minister is busy with his visit to Somali state in Ethiopia and Beledweyn.

Also, there is a plan to send the Parliament to recess for six months, and to put the country under an emergency order to fight terrorism so that there is no accountability.

The main plan of the Maawisley war was to distract the community and politicians from this sensitive oil deal.

Jibril Qoobey.