What does the Secretary General’s visit to Mogadishu mean?

During the fasting period, the Secretary General chooses to visit a Muslim country every year.

His arrival in Somalia, several things, can help Somalia…

1.Somalia to be supported in humanitarian issues (burden of drought).

2.Somalia to be supported in the issues of climate change for which Africa has donated a lot of money.

3. It boosts Somalia’s diplomacy (Also, staying tonight is a great recognition).

What did he say to his experts?

1. To support the Government of Somalia

2.To support Somalia in the fight against terrorism.

What did Somalia benefit from his visit?

Unfortunately, his visit came at a time that Somalis aren’t in agreement on core issues. Puntland not part of the on-going conversations, Somaliland government continues to attack Lasanod without much help from the FGS..

1. Debt forgiveness stopped.

2.The war on terror failed in the first phase.

3. The draft constitution does not move.

Guterres knows Somalia and the conditions there, and he expressed in his speech that there is a need to help them to form a government.