After 60 years, Somalia is under the protection of the United Nations

Catriona Laing is the new representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations that will organize Somalia.

The status of being welcomed is equivalent to the level of a leader of a country or nation.

After 60 years, Somalia is still under passive colonialism, and there is no time to overcome it.

This video shows that the United Nations rules this country and the official government is…..

There is a hunting force with a higher salary and service than the Somalis.

It has more secure hunting facilities and better service than Villa Somalia.

It has decisions that are sometimes stronger than those of the nominal Somali Government.

The United Nations Offices in Somalia have their own budgets and plans.

The UN representative in Somalia is given 24-hour access to the country’s information, and he knows what is going on every minute from the President of Somalia.

The biggest criticism belongs to the leaders who are not good enough to lead the nation who sat in Villa Somalia.