A member of parliament from Jubaland who has been in prison for two nights in Kenya .

AUGUST 16, 2023

A member of the Somali regional parliament in Jubaland is spending the second night at the Mandera district police station, after being arrested on Monday at the city’s police station.

According to an indictment cited by the Kenyan newspaper The Standard, Yusuf Mohamed Gurhan was caught in possession of a Kenyan identity card which he allegedly obtained falsely.

The complaint states that in 2006, he registered as a Kenyan and registered with the Ruqa Department in Ijara Garisa district, after which he purchased a Kenyan identity card with the name of Yusuf Mohamed Gurhan. which was fake.

Gitari Muchira, head of the country’s criminal investigation department, said that although the Beled Haawo administration in Somalia requested the release of the MP, he will be brought to court tomorrow.

“We have received a letter from the Beled Haawo District requesting the release of the accused, who he said is a member of the Jubaland Parliament due to diplomatic issues between the two countries,” said the Criminal Investigation Department.

Many Kenyan troops have come to the court to impeach Gurhan, and human rights organizations have condemned it.

He is scheduled to be tried again on Wednesday and the verdict will be announced.