What is going on this morning in Lascaanod?

Reports from the Sool regional headquarter Lasanood, state that military operations are ongoing in that city, and for more than 8 months, Somaliland government militias and the local army of SSC-KHAATUMO have been fighting.

The activities came after the Somaliland government militias in Goojacade have been throwing a number of artillery shells at Lasaanood for the past few days. One of Somaliland’s shells hit a place where poeter Jama Kadiye Ilmi was staying, one of the most famous Somali writers.

The leadership of the SSC military command has been changed a few days ago, with the commander of the army being appointed Gen. Abdirashid Qodhab from Mudug region.

While speaking to the local forces yesterday, the recently elected leader of SSC-KHAATUMO said that Somaliland authorities will engage in serious battles to remove the holes they have dug in Goojacade, and he encouraged the forces on the importance of the struggle and to prepare for it.