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“PuntlandFirst” Hashtag Dominates Weekly Somalia Discussions

The hashtag “PuntlandFirst” has recently emerged as a focal point in weekly discussions surrounding Somalia, spearheaded by former Puntland Minister of Planning, Mohamed Said Farole. Describing it as “a movement that opposes the leader of Mogadishu’s unilateral change of the constitution, and advocates for the restoration of Somalia’s institutions through the bottom-up approach,” the hashtag underscores a call for accountability among Puntland’s leadership and prioritizes the state’s development.

The movement, as articulated by Minister Mohamed Said Farole, champions various initiatives aimed at advancing Puntland’s infrastructure, healthcare, education, and environmental preservation. Moreover, it seeks to resonate beyond regional boundaries, promoting the idea that a prosperous Puntland contributes to the overall strength and stability of Somalia.

Who coined the phrase “PuntlandFirst”

In the evolving discourse surrounding PuntlandFirst, attributing the phrase’s origin has sparked debate. Initially credited to Minister Mohamed Said Farole, Daljir Media later corrected their assertion, acknowledging Abdi H as the true originator. Conversely, Galayr credited Mohamed Hassan, while Dr. Said Awkombe claimed authorship since 2018.

Regardless of its origin, the essence of “PuntlandFirst” resonates with many, encapsulating a mindset and ideology that underscores the primacy of Puntland’s interests and development within the broader context of Somalia. It signifies a commitment to addressing the unique needs and aspirations of Puntland’s populace while advancing the nation’s collective progress and welfare. As discussions surrounding PuntlandFirst continue to unfold, its significance in shaping Somalia’s future remains palpable.

MBB and CBB off the point

CBB (pro-Farmaajo) swallowed the phrase as they prejudiced Puntland’s burden. Halima Gutale the mother of CBB and Elham Garad reflects a strong position against PuntlandFirst other than CBB the inverse cult MBB (pro-Hassan Sheikh) reacted as the tribe (Hawiye supremacy) which they digested.

One of the founder advocates PuntlandFirst Iman tweeted “Again, I urge my #PuntlandFirst group to take the high road. Don’t go down in the mud with these tribalistic people, and the ones that think they are the only patriots. No one needs validation or acceptance from anyone, especially these hypocritical mongrels. Puntland’s contribution to Somalia’s state-building efforts is self-evident, and labeling the movement of Puntland First a secessionist movement, as they give special treatment to secessionists is an oxymoron, I’ve never labeled anyone or their group tribalist – even when they have clan meetings lol. The idea that Puntland continues to be these people’s “Safe Space” is laughable and it’s about time it came to an end. Be respectful – even when they are not.


The concept of PuntlandFirst is the whole of SomaliaFirst.

The phrase PuntlandFirst is a movement that is meant to bring about massive change in Somalia, Where Puntland goes, the rest of Somalia goes.

Somalia is stronger when every region is prosperous and secure, Indeed without Puntland’s formation in 1998 and continued stability, the relative progress of places like Mogadishu and Kismayo in the past decade would not have been possible because it was Puntland that led the reconstruction of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Puntland must be protected, developed, and safeguarded because its success is crucial to Somalia’s recovery. No more being hostage to bad governance.

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