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Grave Injustice: Land Grabbing in Southern Somalia

Ajakis’s body is loaded onto the bus for another transfer photo credit (Universal TV)
The grave of Cabdimuriidi Dheere 27-9-2021

Garowe, (IDNE Editorial) As Puntland advances in its efforts to integrate with the international community, a troubling scene unfolds just 800 kilometers away in the southern reaches of Somalia. “ATMIS Somaliland protectorate,” a macabre drama unfolds as graves of Mogadishu residents are demolished to make way for real estate projects championed by none other than former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his cohorts in the pro-HSM (Damuljadid) cult faction.

Amidst the diplomatic bilateral engagements of His Excellency President Said Abdullahi Deni, who today received the British Ambassador to Somalia, Michael Nevinthavrianakis, at the Garowe Presidential Palace to discuss developmental projects, the stark contrast of priorities in different corners of Somalia couldn’t be more glaring.

This troubling disregard for human dignity and historical reverence, as well as potential corruption, with former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud implicated in these turmoil.

The disparity underscores broader challenges including governance issues with differences and socio-economic inequalities.

While Puntland makes strides towards integration and development, the Southern ATMIS occupation faces significant hurdles, including human rights abuses and corrupt practices.
The British Ambassador to Somalia, Michael Nevinthavrianakis (left) shakes hand incumbent president of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni (right) photo credit (Puntland State House)