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Somaliland wants #Berbera port to handle 30 percent of Ethiopia’s cargo

Somaliland government plans for Berbera port to handle 30 percent of  Ethiopia’s cargo. For this, an agreement regarding port usage and customs procedures should be signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland. The agreement is likely to be signed in the next 60 days, the head of the Somaliland Ports Authority told Deutsche Welle.
“We have the best corridor for  Ethiopia,” the director of the Somaliland Ports Authority, Saeed Hassan  Abdelahi, believes that Berbera will be the best option.

“The distance from Berbera to Mojo and from #Djibouti to #Mojo is the same,” said Saeed Hassan. But in our area, the road is not hilly.”
“Currently, we are preparing a transit agreement for the use of the port,” said Saeed Hassan Abdelahi. “Once we sign the agreement, we will handle 30 percent of Ethiopia’s cargo in  the first year.”

It is expected that the final contract  that will implement the MoU signed by Ethiopia and Somaliland will be completed in about two months. The chapter that will implement the  Memorandum of Understanding signed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and  President Moses Bihi Abdi will give Somaliland the recognition it has been missing for three decades.… via @Horndiplomat