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My vision for the future of Sool Region

Regardless of my personal stance on the decision made by the people of Sool to part ways from their PL region, I’m deeply concerned about two crucial matters:

1. The potential harm to our relationships and shared interests through exploitation.
2. The need to stay vigilant against any deceptive actions, especially those of Hassan Sheikh, who seems indifferent to our concerns.

Ultimately, whether there’s a need for defense or a new government should be decided by the people of PL, and Hassan’s involvement doesn’t change that.

To my fellow brothers and sisters from Sool, I want to convey our sincere intentions of kindness and support, which may not always be evident.

If you don’t perceive it, please keep moving forward and seek fulfillment wherever you find it.

We don’t hold any grudges against Firdhiye’s participation in Hassan’s Conference, despite its lack of legal legitimacy, but we hope you’ll consider the realities of the situation.