Is it fact that the Somali government bought war planes?

The arms embargo on the Somali government has not been eased yet.,

A final review is scheduled at the end of this year at the United Nations Conference Before that, there is a need to find popular politica will, unity and a technical plan that Somalis agree to in order to implement the easing of the arms embargo.

Until now, it does not appear that the Central Government and the federal member states have in agreeable technical plan in place to manage the required weapons.

Western governments are interested in allowing Somalis to purchase weapons that do not include…

1. Airplanes.
2. Tanks.
3. Some artillery.

Only few governments, it is allowed that Somalis can buy weapons from…

1. The United States.
2. China.
3. Turkey.
4. Egypt.

Jibril Qoobey.