Biden’s ’embarrassing’ tripping incident, advancing age alarm Democrat allies: ‘This is so bad’

A congressional Democrat told NBC News that Democrats need to be more responsive to concerns about President Biden’s age as aides continue to make adjustments in an effort to avoid “embarrassing and dangerous” incidents.

“The Democratic Party needs to be responsive to what people are saying about Biden and their concerns that they have with his age,” the congressional Democrat, who remained anonymous, told the outlet. “The number of text messages that I got after the president fell … I mean, my phone was blowing up. People are like, ‘Oh, this is so bad.’”

After the president tripped at the Air Force Academy’s recent graduation ceremony, some of Biden’s aides reportedly got together to discuss how to make sure it “never happens again,” according to NBC.

NBC News reported that voters were watching Biden and were seeing “hardening impressions that it’s time for him to step aside.”