The security violation renewed in Ethiopia, can it effect the operation to clear the Shabaab in Somalia?.

The declaration followed after a meeting by the Cabinet which described the security situation in the region as a threat to the national security.

Amhara armed group, Fano is fighting government forces in the region. Fano militias were allies of the federal government during the war against Tigray forces.

The renewed violence in Ethiopia could have an impact on military preparations by the Somali government to launch the much-talked about second phase of military operations against al-Shabaab.

Somali leaders previously announced that troops from the neighbouring countries including Ethiopia will participate in the offensive. Ethiopia was going to provide the most of frontline troops proposed to support Somali forces in the operations.

If the security situation in Amhara region deteriorates, how likely is it that Ethiopia could redirect its forces to Amhara region to fight Fano militias rather than al-Shabaab?