PMPF Command “Attack General Sheegow it is oppression & discrimination. ”

A war between the forces of the Federal Government of Somalia is going on in the Kaawo Godey area of ​​the country’s capital, Mogadishu, and different types of weapons are being used.

Residents said that the fight came after an attack by the police on the residence of General Shegow Ahmed is one of the officers of the army, who has many troops. Various losses are being reported as a result of the war, although its extent is not officially known.

The deputy director of PMPF Puntland forces, Mohamud Silal Omar described the attack on Gen. Shegow, noting that the oppression of minorities is unacceptable.

“General, we do not accept oppression and discrimination. Puntland Government is committed to protecting the honor and dignity of the majority of the people who are being forcibly claimed for the power and legitimacy of the government.”