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Update: What is going on with the BRICS Conference in South Africa?

The President of China landed in South Africa to attend the Conference.

But Putin is likely to attend the hearing.

Also the day before, the President of Brazil went to South Africa.

Brics is a competition between five countries that compete economically with the United States, namely…

1. Russia.
2. China.
3. India.
4. Brazil.
5. South Africa.

These countries account for 23% of the global economy and 40% of the population.

Russia, one of these countries, has lost a lot of blood in the war in Ukraine.

China, which is among the top 5 countries, has faced a wide economic downturn this year.

India has received investment and trade from the United States under the pressure of the Dollar Group.

All in all, the Brics are not expected to add anything big and surprising.