What is the Battle calculating of Goja-Ade to day?.?

Calculations of war connection?

1.80 km of land has been cleared, and the Army has closed a 16-km area near Oog.

2.120-Prisoners were captured, including the commander of the army.

3. 100 vehicles, including 4 tanks and 8 trucks and 25 including Suu and 37, were confiscated.

4. The seized weapons include an American one, and in the Horn of Africa, American weapons are held by Djibouti.

5. The country’s geopolitics has changed, and what was called Somalia and Somaliland has come to an end.

The Harti tribes have achieved a historic victory and have shown their republican power within them.

It is a geographical, political, and military war that confirmed the influence, power, and pride of the community.

Jibril Qoobey.