Read: Working tanks in Somalia are held by Harti Clans.

In the last war of 93 Galkayo, the remaining tanks in the Central and South of the country were put under control by Harti communities.

In the north, the tanks in Goja-ade, 2023, were put in their hand.

Today, there are 20 working tanks in the Republic, and they are owned by the Harti community.

35% of Somalia’s land and people are community property, and that power has been preserved.

Geographically, the plan to divide the Harti Land has been closed.

As a people, the right to be divided among the majority of authorities is denied.

The leader of the Hawiye community in politics, they still do not accept that power, and in 2023, they became part of a planned and organized subjugation.

The political leader of the Isaaq community, who knows that their community is 15% of Somalia, they felt that the community’s land and its people have an important part to fill with a political and geographical authority that they have clearly separated.

In the military and geographical war, Harti clan won.

What is left for us is the politics to succeed in the capital and the electoral system in Somalia.

Jibril Qoobey.