Comment: – Every failure that comes from Sool belongs to the people of Sool.

The rest of Puntland have fulfilled their duty and the Sool operation has been successfully completed.

The community and people are free, and they are in control of their destiny.

There are three issues left for the rest of Puntland…

1. Laascaanood went out of your hands.
2. Discrimination has been made between communities.
3. The SNM attack in Sool region.

The people of Sool, they have a special need for hard work and future direction and they must feel the patriotism and the responsibilities…..

1. Orientation of young people with weapons in their hands.

2. Direction of the State’s destiny.

3. Taking a role in public affairs.

Three things, they must be aware of…

A. The SNM ambush and their next plan, after the defeat.

B. The flexibility and mental impact that SNM has had in the Sool community in its various parts.

C. Building a sense of pride in the Sool community.

Every failure that is reported from Sool after to day belongs to the people of Sool and is not shared with them.

In the rest of Puntland, the Regional Defense is with you, as well as the budget, it is being strengthened with you.

Jibril Qoobey.