Badhan: unveiled at the seats of the elected PL County Council

Badhan, August 30, 2023: The Speaker of the Parliament of Puntland, Mr. Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, and the Minister of Interior, Federal and Democratization of Puntland, Mr. Abdi Farah Saeed Juha, inaugurated the seat of Puntland Regional Councils in Badhan District, Sanaag Region.

The inauguration forum of Puntland Local Councils was attended by the Chairman of Puntland Government Representatives Mr. Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril Awl, Minister of Interior DPL Mr. Abdi Farah Saeed Juha, members of the Puntland Government House of Representatives, Government Council, Regional Administration,

It is a step taken to complete the process of the election of one vote and one person held on May 25, 2023 in 30 districts of Puntland.

The Minister of the Interior, Federal and Democratization of the Puntland State, Mr. Abdi Farah Said Juha, congratulated all the members of the Badhan Local Council who were elected, and especially congratulated the new Chairman Awad Ali Hirey and Deputy Chairman Hawo Abdulqadir Ahmed. facilitate the government jobs ahead.

The Ministry of Interior, Federal and Democratization of the Puntland Government thanks everyone who participated in the elections with one voice and one person, such as political organizations, the Puntland Temporary Elections Committee (TPEC), stakeholders in the elections, the media, the security forces, community organizations and the general public of Puntland.


Office of Information and Public Relations Ministry of Interior DPL.