President Karaash spent last night in Lasaanood

The Acting President and Vice President of Puntland, Ahmed Ilmi Osman Karaash, spent last night at the headquarters of the Sool region in Laascanood, after reaching the front lines of the Sool defense forces on the outskirts of Oog.

Karaash will be the highest official from Puntland to reach Laascaanood after 16 years. Last night, he held meetings with the leadership of the SSC and elders and discussed the fate of the people and the direction of the area after 8 months of war.

The vice president said yesterday in Yagoori that Puntland is committed to the defense of its people and its environment, calling on the community of Sool to strengthen unity and harmony and pointed out that it led to the victory over the enemy.