The Ankara meeting and what Sharif and Farmajo discussed

Ankara, Turkey,
Two former presidents, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed met this week in Ankara, the capital of the Turkish government.

Various reports are coming out of the meeting between the two sides, which some people have described as a prelude to a political alliance against the current government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. But various sources close to the meeting explained exactly what they discussed.

They analyzed deeply and narrated about the different situations the country is going through now.

They agreed that there is a need to investigate several cases related to attacks on military camps by al-Shabaab, including an attack by al-Shabaab on a military camp near the area of ​​Caws wayne, which was said to have resulted in casualties. The government forces have been subjected to a lot of violence.

The meeting took place at the Shiriton Hotel in Ankara, and the two presidents were accompanied by the former director of NISA Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir and the Secretary of Finance of the national vision party who accompanied President Sharif.