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Puntland and the international community in Nairobi

NAIROBI – The Minister of Finance,
the Minister of Planning and the Minister of Presidential Affairs of the Puntland Government, who was on business in Nairobi, Kenya, held special meetings with diplomats from the international community and organizations working in Somalia, especially Puntland.

The delegation consisting of the Minister of Planning and International Relations, Mr. Mohamed Said Faroole, the Minister of the Capinet, Mr. Abdifitah Abdinur and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad, held meetings with: the ambassadors of Sweden, Denmark, the deputy ambassador of Germany, officials from development programs, stabilization and humanitarian affairs in Denmark, Norway, Germany and FCDO UK as well as officials from the RCRF project of the World Bank and GIZ.

The meetings, focused on…

1. Humanitarian issues and stabilization of the Sool region

2. Development projects, especially JPLG,
basic services projects (health, education, water and justice and security services), the election of one vote and one person in Puntland, the modernization of Puntland’s financial and customs system, the JPP Police Development Project and in general economic development.
3. Federal Affairs and Somalia’s Debt Relief Program.

The meetings ended in success.


Office of Awareness and Information of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Puntland