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What is the dispute between the minister of defense and the commander of the army

Reports in the media and the community say that there is a conflict between the senior leadership of the Somali government.

Suspicion of the conflict intensified when the forces of the Somali government and Al Shabaab fought in the Cowsweyne camp, and then there were reports that heavy losses occurred there.

It has also emerged that the government forces have left areas they captured from Al-Shabaab.

These areas have been working for some time on the organization of the army to take over, which was closed by the end of the first phase of the war between the Somali government and Al-Shabaab.

Sources of information on the conflict among the armed forces, government officials and analysts pointed out that the problem arose from a conflict between the Minister of Defense Abd Qadir Mohamed Noor (Jamac) and the Commander of the Armed Forces. General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhuddin.

The two officials are the two people who, after the president, have the influence in terms of decision-making in the fight against Al Shabaab.

Signs of conflict

The people who has studied politics and security, said that when the troops occupy a place, they come out as a hindrance to the ongoing operation, and that the people are also disappointed.

They pointed out that the laxity, and the poor order sharing, shows that the command of the army and the Ministry of Defense are not working together, and this can be seen as a conflict.

Security experts stressed that a military operation is always based on a known plan and communication.

On the other hand, its said that sometimes mistakes can happen, and that is something that should be learned from, and people who learn from it can achieve success in the end.

They stressed that a military operation is always based on a known plan, and a good relationship and cooperation between the military command and civilian officials of the Ministry of Defence, which he expressed concern that there is doubt among them. now.

What does the army need?

Its also emphasized that the army should always have an intelligence unit that investigates the situation, and if this is not done, it will be difficult for the operation to be successful.

When there is a war in the army, a mistake is not a shame, but something should be learned from it.

Its suggested that Experts should find a head and leadership who can understand and have skills in the fight against al-Shabaab.

Also, underlined  that the operation should be protected from conflict, as well as being careful not to harm the hearts of the people.

Its also pointed out that could endanger the continuation of the operation while entering areas such as Mahaas, El Buur and Galcad, and then leaving, which he said could kill the people who welcomed the troops taking over the various areas.

Its emphasized that in recent years the training and system of the Somali army has improved, but on the other hand he said that the army is still divided in the process of power sharing, known as 4.5.

They explained that this could disrupt the succession process, and order taking, as well as there could be political disagreements.

Also, Experts said that it is necessary to prepare the hearts of the army, to teach them patriotism, to prepare them according to the situation they are facing, and their education should not be limited to how to fire a gun.

It’s  said that the army should be taught the strategies used by the opponents, and the correct leadership should be chosen who can evaluate the current situation and lead a good policy, and take orders from the people who are superior, which if it is missing, every party will will do, that there will be no way to control the loss of the army.

What is the need for an army?

Col. Abdullahi Ali Macow, who worked in the security and intelligence agency, said that the army works on two pillars, which he described as discipline and morale.

“There must be peace and order, and the person who leads the army must direct the army to the best way to defeat the enemy, and the army must know the operation and the enemy on their side,” said General Mocow.

He brought up Macow, that it is not a good thing that the army does not know how long it is for those who are fighting (the enemy), while the opponents know how long they are fighting, referring to the ambush made by the Somali government army.

“If an army is leaving a place, the decision must come from the top leaders. If it is seen that the army is in danger or is negligent, it may be necessary to retreat,” he said. Mocow.

What is the basis of the dispute

“If there is a conflict between the commander of the army and the minister of defense, what happens in the opening of these wars, I think it is a response to the emergence of the army,” said a security expert who closely follows the operations led by the president. declined to mention his name.

He added that if the army is given conflicting orders or messages, it will create confusion.

“Although the president has the leadership of the war, he is not behind these officials, but he was supposed to bring military experts and people who have returned from the army as commanders, and then make a decision,” he added.

The effect

The government forces have left, as far as is known, areas such as Wabxo, Galcad, El Dheer, Mesagawa, Budbud, and Elbur which they captured from Al Shabaab in less than a week.

These areas have been working for some time on the organization of the army to take over, which was concluded with the end of the first phase of the war between the Somali government and Al-Shabaab.

The Minister of Justice, Hassan Macallin Mohamud, who is on the front lines of the war, told the BBC that their army had left El Burur as a “strategy of war”, but observers believe that the reason is that the army did not isolate themselves because they were back. returned to Al Shabaab.

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, said last week that they will investigate the issues that led to the loss of the military. The former president of Somalia, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, has already spoken about the same thing and demanded that an investigation and accountability be done in the Cowsweyne incident.

It is pointed out that the dispute between the minister of defense and the commander of the country’s forces is said to have interfered with the operation.