What is the concern of Muslims who are Somalis in Sweden?

In Sweden, there are warnings to the people of the country about terrorist attacks that are feared to happen, which has scared the public.

Therefore, there was a meeting between the Swedish security forces and some parts of the society. The meeting was specially invited to the security officials of the neighborhoods where foreigners live such as Somalis.

The main importance of this meeting was that the police should give people information about what to do in case of danger.

Moses Yusuf Farah, one of the people who organized the meeting, told the BBC that this issue is based on the violence that took place in Sweden related to the burning of the Koran, which angered many Muslims.

“The meeting was organized by an organization called Ibn Rushd, it is the largest organization of Muslims in Sweden in terms of education and the main reason was to provide accurate information to the community,” said Moses Yusuf Farah.

“Recently, there have been violent demonstrations in Sweden based on the repeated incidents of burning the Koran, which has angered many Muslims, and this increases the fear and distance between the different communities in Sweden.”

“After the meetings, the people of the foreign neighborhoods received important information, which usually do not receive information from the security agencies, and it was agreed that from now on, people will receive information from the security agencies.”

“At the meeting held in the Yarfa area of ​​Stockholm, people were told where to call if something happened and how to defend themselves.

Earlier, the internal security agency of Sweden SAPO said that the level of security alert has been raised due to fear of terrorist attacks, after several times the Koran and other religious books were burned.

It was Eid when a man from Iraq burned the book in front of a mosque even though it was Eid al-Adha.

Salwan Momika, with police officers standing behind him, while he was outside the Stockholm mosque, waving the flag of Sweden, and the country’s national anthem was playing, tore the Holy Quran into two and set it on fire.

It is estimated that there are 250,000-400,000 Muslims living in Sweden, including many Somalis who have entered the country in the last 30 years.

The leaders of Sweden gave a warning. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson expressed great concern on Thursday about the consequences of further protests against the burning of the Koran. Momika, an Iraqi refugee, is campaigning for Sweden to ban the book. Millions of Muslims who expressed their feelings on social media and in Turkey were outraged by his action, and described it as unacceptable.

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan described the act as regrettable and said that those who approved it were instrumental in inciting hatred against a particular person. Ankara is known to have been strongly opposed to Sweden’s NATO membership, and the reasons for these actions include. This is a big challenge for Sweden, as the entry into NATO depends on the approval of all the member countries.