Somalia Constitution Amendment Not Inclusive, Says Puntland

Garowe, SOMALIA – In a pivotal meeting held in Garowe, the President of the Puntland Government, Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni, along with Vice President Mr. Ahmed Elmi Osman Karaash, led the weekly Council of Ministers meeting. Central to their discussions was the unwavering opposition to the proposed amendments to the Somalia Constitution, alongside topics such as security, the imminent Puntland elections, and the delineation of roles between political offices and ministries. The dialogue also encompassed the Puntland census code, underscoring the administration’s commitment to governance and demographic understanding.

Preparations for Puntland Elections

With a vision to strengthen democratic processes in the region, the Council engaged in thorough preparations for the upcoming Puntland elections. This electoral process, poised to be conducted through a one person, one vote system, represents a significant stride towards enhancing democratic practices within the framework of the Somalia Constitution. The Council’s consensus on ensuring adequate technical and security arrangements reinforces their dedication to Puntland’s political stability and adherence to democratic principles as outlined in the Somalia Constitution.

Opposition to Amendments in the Somalia Constitution

The Council’s deliberations took a critical turn when addressing the Puntland Government’s staunch opposition to the amendments proposed for the Federal Constitution of Somalia. Emphasizing the Provisional Constitution as a cornerstone of Somalia’s federal system, the Puntland Government highlighted the document’s role as a social contract formulated post the collapse of the central government. They argued that the Provisional Constitution’s principles of power distribution are integral to the governance structure of Somalia, and any modifications to this constitutional framework would overstep the authority vested in current federal leaders and institutions.

Advocating for Inclusive Dialogue

In a clear demonstration of its commitment to uphold the Somalia Constitution, the Puntland Government called upon both Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia to desist from engaging in any amendments that may instigate political discord. This appeal not only reflects the Puntland Government’s dedication to constitutional integrity but also signals its insistence on being a key participant in any constitutional reform process.

The Puntland Government’s position on the Somalia Constitution amendments underscores the complexities inherent in negotiating changes within a federal system. It highlights the imperative need for inclusive dialogue and consensus-building among Somali stakeholders. Such a collaborative approach is essential to ensure that any reforms to the Somalia Constitution are reflective of the collective aspirations of the Somali populace and contribute positively to the nation’s long-term stability and unity.

In conclusion, the Puntland Government’s recent Council of Ministers meeting in Garowe has set a definitive tone of opposition against amendments to the Somalia Constitution. Advocating for a respectful adherence to the established federal framework, this stance adds a significant dimension to the ongoing political discourse in Somalia. It emphasizes the critical need for a path towards consensus and national reconciliation, respecting the sanctity of the Somalia Constitution as a pivotal element in this journey.


Somalia Constitution Amendment Not Inclusive, Says Puntland