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Doubts Arise Over Mogadishu based Governments authority to Shut Ethiopian Consulates in Puntland and Somaliland

The recent expulsion of the Ethiopian Ambassador by Somalia has ignited widespread debate, prompting many to question the motivations behind such a significant decision. The move to expel the Ambassador raises eyebrows, particularly considering the Memorandum of Understanding between Somaliland, a state claiming independence from Somalia, and Ethiopia. Some speculate whether this decision stems from Puntland state’s recent cooperation agreement with Ethiopia. Comparisons are drawn to the seemingly stronger pact between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which did not result in diplomatic fallout.

Furthermore, the Mogadishu-based administration led by Hassan Shiekh is viewed as lacking the authority to expel Ethiopian diplomats and the Ethiopian army, given Ethiopia’s significant military presence in South Somalia. Additionally, attempts to shut down consulates in Garowe and Hargeisa are seen as impractical, given the autonomous nature of these regions.

Amidst these developments, questions arise regarding the underlying reasons for renewed hostility towards the Ethiopian government. There seems to be no justifiable cause for animosity, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the actions taken by the Mogadishu government. The government under Hassan Shiekh has eroded its national mandate, effectively reducing itself to a city-state and undermining the constitutional fabric that once united Somalis.