Puntland’s position on Somalia’s debt relief issues

Puntland warns that the debt forgiveness should not be rushed until Somalia has an efficient and transparent financial system.
Otherwise, a certain group of people who want money will take over the new loan sought after the old one is forgiven.

Corruption is being fought by Hassan Sheik is miss-acting and show off.

As can be seen from the campaign to arrest the members of the federal government of Somalia who are accused of corruption, it is actions to misleading the Somalis and the international community, as Hassan Sheikh Mohamud himself is involved in past and present corruption allegations.

Also, the Minister of Finance of Puntland, who gave an interview to BBCSomali, clarified the position of Somalia’s debt relief, and warned that the consequences of Somalia’s financial management process may be affected by the collective agreement.

Similarly, Puntland reminds the leaders of the federal government of Somalia to respect and act on the agreed interim constitution.

Jibril Qoobey.