INFORMATION: Egypt is establishing a military base in central Somalia.

Idilnews has received official information related to an agreement between the Federal Government of Somalia led by President Hassan Sheikh and the Egyptian government, which is related to the construction of a military base that Egypt is establishing in central Somalia.

According to this agreement, the Egyptian military base will be established in the areas of Galmudug administration, President Hassan Sheikh and NISA intelligence director Mahad Salad agreed that this base should be established in Galinsoor area of ​​Galgaduud region. The implementation of this station is said to be part of President Hassan Sheikh’s plan to be in the Galmudug capital of Dhusamareb.

The base will be likened to a training camp for the army, but it will be a base for the Egyptian army in Somalia, and they will work with the Egyptian government information system (GIS), to put a security burden on the Ethiopian government in Egypt. A long-standing dispute related to the construction of the Abay Dam is nearing completion.

The Egyptians strongly wanted this station to be implemented in the Puntland areas, but the successive local governments refused. Puntland sees the new base in Egypt as a threat to its security before the stability of the Horn of Africa region, which is important to it.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian government has received information about the construction of the military base in Egypt and has put its NISA intelligence on full alert, a delegation led by the Addis Ababa ambassador to Somalia Amb. Mukhtar Waare arrived in Puntland’s capital Garowe on August 3, where President Saeed Deni delivered a message from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as part of an official invitation he went to Addis Ababa yesterday.