Puntland has started solving murders in Galkayo

Efforts to put an end to the killings of members of the tribe that have been taking place in recent months in the capital of Mudug region are underway in Galkayo. Ministers and MPs from the Puntland government arrived in the city and started meetings to resolve the murders that took place in Galkayo.

The delegation led by Puntland’s Minister of Justice, Mohamed Abdiwahab Ahmed, who held a meeting with the regional administration on Saturday, issued three important points for the ongoing peace efforts. The points are:

1. It is jointly called on the sides of the two communities of the brothers who have been involved in the events to declare peace and to protect the security of the region.

2. To obey the law and will not accept future events between the two brotherly communities.

3. In order for the peace process between the two communities to continue, the Puntland government will take over the responsibility of the security of the meeting places.