The President of Pakistan forged his signature!

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Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi said on Sunday that he refused to sign two bills approved by the country’s parliament, which are said to increase the power to prosecute people who are considered to be against the country’s military and also in the affairs of the country. national security.

The President of Pakistan wrote on his X, which was previously known on Twitter, “God is my witness, I did not sign these [laws], the amendment of the National Secrets Act and the amendment of the Pakistan Army Act, as I do not support these laws.” said.

The Parliament of Pakistan approved the laws in question, before being dissolved on August 9, after the end of their term. These laws require the signature of the president to take effect.

The president said that he ordered the workers in his office to return these laws without signing them, but the president said that he found out today that some of the workers in his office ignored the order he gave.

The President of Pakistan said that one of his office staff forged his signature, making it appear that the President had signed these laws.

Legal experts point out that this move is a blow to the powerful military, which could lead the country to a constitutional crisis.

The Ministry of Law and Justice of Pakistan, which was reacting to the president’s statement, accused him of deliberately delaying the approval of these laws, and said that the president should take responsibility for this.