Ahmed Madobe is working hard to find reconciliation with President S.Deni.

In Nairobi, he is running a campaign to encourage businessmen and politicians from all over the Darood community, in which he is requesting that he and Deni be intermediated.

His purpose is to bring Said Deni to Nairobi to be reconciled.

But Said Deni, who has heard about Ahmed’s campaign and does not want to sit in front of him, is likely to cancel his trip to Nairobi.

Ahmed Madobe had a fight with Hassan, and he asked for the weapons that Dhusamareb is gathering to give him something to fight the terrorists, but Hassan replied i will send you army instead of weapons.

Also, the relationship between Ahmed and the UAE Government has been reduced, and the agreements to invest in the port and the airport are on the brink of failure.

The biggest burden that Ahmed Madobe is facing is his political behavior, which is based on 7-faces, and seems to have been studied.

Jibtil Qoobey.