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Ahmed Madobe’s official term ended today

Today, which was the 22nd of August, the official term of the President of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, ended.

Ahmed Madobe did not succeed in Jubaland, and it can be said that he failed.

1. He do not have a united nation.
2. He do not have a united land.
3. He don’t have a unified system.
4. He It does not have any administrative bodies.
5. They did not implement a free election system.
6. Did not expand the authority.
7. He did not clean the terrorist.
8. He did not build an army.

Today, it is not acceptable to have another term in office for Ahmed Ummad.

Jubaland needs change in all aspects and it can be a mess with….

1. One City.
2. One Office.
3. One Man.
4. One Clan Army.

So in order to achieve the desired Jubaland, it is necessary to choose a leader who is sufficient to achieve these goals.

1. Jubaland is a free country.
2. Jubaland’s people are one.
3. Jubaland has justice institutions that works well.
4. Jubaland has an all-inclusive army.
5.Jubaland sacredness of life has value.
6. Jubaland has government institutions that came through free and fair elections.

Jubaland is wide, there is a need for a new updated political progressive way.

Jibril Qoobey.